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Comment purifier ton âme par la prière

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Comment purifier ton âme par la prière

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5 avis pour Comment purifier ton âme par la prière

  1. Jason bradley

    Great for Everyday
    I have a Canon Rebel T3i for special occasions, but for every day use, this little camera gives me great photos, and is so handy…and much better than my iphone.

  2. Lloyd Budd

    Excellent video quality
    I bought this just to have a point & shoot still camera for my vacation. I bought it because it was bright blue & uses the type of card I liked. It worked fine. Didn’t think too much one way or the other. (I couldn’t figure out all the settings, but I didn’t try too long either)
    My friends & I decided to make a video & I said I’ll bring my camera and act as the VJ (I’m camera shy). I had no idea how good the picture was until I transferred it to my computer. I was literally shocked.
    I’m so happy I bought this camera.

  3. Alex Shiels

    Very impressive little camera!
    I purchased this camera primarily for taking pictures at concerts, as I went to a few this summer I really wanted photos & video from. It is very compact and easy to store, but it packs a punch! It takes great pictures at night even without the flash, I always expect them to come out like moving blurs because of the no light but I was very impressed! The zoom is awesome, really helped get the shots in some far away seats! The video playback looks just like it does recording, clear and no delays and the sound is great! I am also very impressed with the battery life, I was using the camera fast and furious and it barely lost a bar! For the price, and for the size, this camera does the job!

  4. Joseph Scott

    Power shot
    Had a Canon before, liked the simplicity of using it. Finally didn’t work right so bought another Canon. Still like it, does everything I need and can fit in my pocket when I”m not carrying a purse. Pixels are higher so my pictures do come out clearer and sharper.

  5. Alex Shiels

    Another great camera from Canon
    It has a solid feel and can handle at least a 16GB card. The price paid on Amazon was the best I could find.
    The pictures are great
    Nice large display on the back of the camera helps to ensure good shots.
    The camera is easy to use.
    This camera does not ship with a memory card.
    The auto focus sometimes is a little slow to adjust but eventually works well.
    Overall a very good camera.

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