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L’histoire des prophètes (CD MP3) – Narration en Français

Dar Al Muslim

L’histoire des prophètes (CD MP3) – Narration en Français


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Dar Al Muslim

5 avis pour L’histoire des prophètes (CD MP3) – Narration en Français

  1. Cobus Bester

    You can find a cheaper one!
    After buying this adapter, I came across a similar product at Bestbuy for only $2.50 only.

  2. Stuart

    Not Good For Your Gear
    This adaptor seems like a good idea until the tips pops out after a while and gets stuck WAY DEEP in the 1/4″ plug on your gear. This is the second one that’s done that, and it’s really about time I’ve learned my lesson. What happens in this adaptor is that the tip and ring are attached badly, and because most 1/4″ plugs contact on one side, it loosens the assembly and evently you loose it deep in the recesses of your expensive equipment, causing you to need to disassemble the gear to go in and get the parts back out (as I did with a mixer and an amp) or if you can’t get at the back of the plug, you’ll have to send it out to a tech and pay money to have the work done. Do yourself a favor and buy a big, lovable, clunky old molded one. I’ve never had molded ones break except for the outer cladding cracking sometimes.

  3. Maria

    Stars Lackluster and overpriced
    In short, it doesn’t do its job very well. It introduces distortion. Wiggling the adapter makes it painfully obvious where the problem is coming from.
    I’ve tested with another adapter and had no issues at all leaving me no doubt that this piece of junk is the cause.

  4. Ryan

    It does its job
    Not much to it, but it allowed me to hook up new noise cancelling headphones to the soundboard at church!

  5. James Koster

    Great 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter. Much better quality than the giant plastic things you can get at guitar center now. I bought 6.

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