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Prêts pour le mariage ? Comment faire le bon choix

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Prêts pour le mariage ? Comment faire le bon choix

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Al Qalam

3 avis pour Prêts pour le mariage ? Comment faire le bon choix

  1. 8BIT

    System is exactly what I expected , superior looks , easy to install , receiver is drop dead gorgeous and wires long enough for most rooms.
    I set this up in my finished basement and although I was a liitle concerned as to how it will sound because it is surround sound in a box after all I was blown away.
    sound quality is simply spectacular , subwoofer is loud enough and bassy enough to cover my entire basement.
    I had high end systems in the past and although this one is not as good as some of them , it is perfect fit for my basement with sufficient level of quality and power.
    thanks newegg and Harman kardon for saving me some money and providing me with countless hours of enjoyment.

  2. Cobus Bester

    Excellent price
    Most people with buy this package and use it as a complete system. That should be fine. I bought it with the intent to use the BDS-577 with my own speakers and I cannot recommend that application.

  3. Andrew

    BDS7772 Home Theater
    1)Great price – $400
    2)Awesome looks
    3)Sounds great.
    4)V.Good build quality – Speakers, Receiver, Sub.
    5)Airplay, bluetooth work flawlessly
    6)Easy setup
    7)Programmable remote. Can control TV, cable receiver along with blu-ray.
    8)Blu-Ray and A/v compact system. Its dual voltage 120/240V so a universal receiver. Many questions were asked about it being used in european countries.
    Many more…its an awesome package for price.
    Cons: 1)No-Wifi as manual says – Ethernet Only.
    2)Youtube, Pandora and DLNA are the only network connectivity options
    3)System wakes up intermittently. May be a configuration problem from my side. HDMI Input changes automatically sometimes
    4)Supplied banana plugs are poor quality. You have to loop in wires to fix them.
    Other Thoughts: This system is Stunning both in looks and sound. Its an awesome quality for the price paid ($400) if you are on budget. For small to medium sized rooms this is more than enough. A/V has blu-ray player built in so the 3 HDMI inputs are as good as 4. I’m not sure why an other reviewer found channel control tacky as stereo option is supposed to be 2 channel (left and right), no center speaker. All in all its a great package for $400. Don’t buy this if you need all bells and whistles. This definitely suffices my home theater requirements. I only took a star off because of the wake up issues with system. I will work with support and update my review.

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